An ideal bariatric shower chair

av | 02 Maj, 2019

A bariatric shower chair is ideal for handling and cleaning patients that either are incapable or have trouble moving around on their own. Through its functions and designs, it makes showering a much easier task for handlers and caretakers while also minimizing the amount of stress it creates. Usually, you'll see a bariatric shower chair within a hospital or an elderly care facility and is an important part of tools at a caretaker's disposal. 

​Without it, the physical stress and strain can become quite serious, damaging even, for caretakers. In worst cases it can even lead to forced retirement or at the very least a temporary leave to recover from any injuries caused by repeated heavy lifting. It's unwise for any hospital to not acquire equipment such as bariatric shower chairs to make transport and hygiene easier tasks to perform.

Choices and decisions

There's a good number of reasons other than health to get a bariatric shower chair and the place to get it is TR Equipment whom specializes in making patient hygiene equipment for hospitals and elderly care facilities. Through a focus on ensuring low cost of ownership, functionality and simplicity they deliver products that help countless hospitals around the world. They do, of course, produce more than just bariatric shower chairs, such as patient lifts, stainless steel bathtubs and much more. 

​Regardless of what a hospital might need in terms of patient hygiene and safety, TR Equipment is more likely to have it than not. Regardless of the choices made, the guarantee of a good product is always there.​​​